Pegasus Spyware is back in news again hacked spying on indian users know what is Pegasus Spyware in india and how it is effective


Pegasus Spyware is once again in the news. It was last heard in India in 2019 when some WhatsApp users were victims. The list of users included many journalists and activists. People suffering from this virus had received WhatsApp messages, in which it was told that Pegasus has taken over their phones. According to information received from many major websites, there are more than 40 journalists, activists and other prominent people who are being spied on in India. So let’s know what is this Pegasus Spyware and how it enters WhatsApp.

Pegasus is developed by an Israeli company NSO, and the first information about Pegasus spyware was received in 2016. Spyware according to its name spying on people through their phones. Pegasus spyware sends an exploit link to its target’s phone to perform spying.

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If the target clicks on that link, then the malware or code through which the spying is done, it gets installed in the phone. Sometimes there is no need to even click that link. Once Pegasus is installed on a mobile phone, it takes over the entire phone. All the details of phone users come to him.

gets automatically installed in the phone
In September 2018, Toronto’s Citizen Lab gave some shocking information about this spyware. It was told that Pegasus spyware is so dangerous that it gets installed in the phone without the permission of the user and through this spying starts. Citizen Lab had told at that time that this spyware was active in about 45 countries around the world.

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Once Pegasus spyware is installed on the phone, it takes over the entire phone. Pegasus keeps sending its target’s private data, passwords, contact lists, calendar events, text messages and live voice calls to the spyware dropout. The camera and microphone of the target’s phone can be turned on without the consent of the users. The spyware emitter can see and hear everything around the phone. The phone is no longer password protected after Pegasus is installed. Passwords for spyware do not pose any obstacles.

In 2019, WhatsApp reported that Pegasus attacks the app’s video and voice call functions. In this, Target does not even need to pick up the phone. It gets installed automatically.

So what’s up with Pegasus now, and should you worry about it?
As far as the classic Pegasus is concerned, it is no longer that useful. The buzz around it nowadays is because of its past exploits and not because of the present. When information about this became public, Apple released a patch for iOS 9 to fix the flaws that spyware was using to hack into the iPhone.

On the other hand, when the information about Pegasus targeting WhatsApp and Android became public, Google and WhatsApp released the security patch that Pegasus was using.

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