Pakistan gives a blow to its friend China, bans TikTok app again


Islamabad. Giving a big blow to China, Pakistan has once again banned the Tik Tok App. Pakistan has banned the Tiktok app on Wednesday for serving objectionable content. Earlier this month, this app was banned for two days after the order of a Pakistani court. However, many lawyers here have been critical of government censorship in the country and Pakistan’s control over the internet and media from time to time.

Regarding banning the Chinese app Tiktok, the Telecom Authority here has said that ‘this action was taken because objectionable materials were being uploaded continuously on Tiktok and no action was being taken despite the complaint’. Nothing has been said from the public representative of Tiktok yet.

Let us tell you that there are a large number of users of Tiktok in Pakistan. Many people here also use this app to sell goods online. Although Tiktok is also criticized in Pakistan. There are allegations of Tiktok serving dirty ingredients and LGBTQ content. In the month of June, Tiktok deleted about 6 million videos. This action was taken after complaints from common users and officials.

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Of this, 15 percent of the videos were deleted because they were obscene. This information was given by the company itself. The administration in Pakistan had earlier asked YouTube to block objectionable content as well. Many dating apps are also banned here.

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